Click any pic to see full-sized photo. Let’s work together to keep The Wedge rideable and safe for all.

Preserving and Protecting the World’s #1 Bodysurfing Break.

The pictures aren’t as pretty. There are no sponsors. What really matters is the ride.

Only one bodysurfing beach is featured in Bruce Brown’s
“The Endless Summer.” It’s The Wedge, in Newport
Beach CA.

The Wedge began as a bodysurfing break. Today,
all kinds of water women and men share its classic
peak at designated hours.

Blackball Up At 10:00 AM,
Down At 5:00 PM.

n summer, the glassiest, most hollow rides generally appear at 7:00 - 9:30 AM. Waves are often blown by 11:00.

Fins Required. Preferably Vipers.

Swim Fins are required for bodysurfing during Yellow and Red Flag surf.

More Than a Sport,
It’s a Life.

ike any extreme sport, bodysurfing The Wedge shapes the lives of certain
people. S
mall waves break your bones; big waves suck you down.

Always check the sets before entering The Wedge. Lulls of 10-15 min. have been known to occur between large sets.


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