history II

history II

TOP: Voit Duck Feet, 1970’s.
BOTTOM: “It’s breaking ten poles!”


Three Wedge riders deserve special mention. The first is Judge Robert Gardner,
who bodysurfed Newport with Duke Kahanamoku. Gardner’s “The Art Of Bodysurfing”
(1972) helped define Wedge style. Known for his newspaper columns, Gardner
also penned “Bawdy Balboa” (1992) about his dissolute youth spent on the
Balboa Peninsula.

Another Wedge rider of note is Ron Romanosky, a master kneeboarder whose style and grace as he sliced across 18’ peaks is the stuff of legend. Today Ron is recognized as the greatest Wedge photographer of them all. To see a Romanosky Photo is to glimpse the beauty—some would say religion—of a lifetime devoted to The Wedge.

Simpson after a big ride.

Finally, Fred Simpson, “the Pope of The Wedge.” Fred attacked the faces of monstrous peaks until it nearly killed him--but it didn’t. Fred repaid the community by inventing and manufact-
uring the
Viper Fin: the first surfing fin with built-in skegs for absolute control on the wave. Known for his great generosity and love of life, Fred Simpson—more than anyone—embodies the challenge, camaraderie and reward of surfing The Wedge.

It’s all in the takeoff: everything that follows is a snap. Learn a good takeoff and make your own bodysurfing history at The Wedge.