Overthowing The American Theocracy

   It is said that the United States was forever changed by the tumultuous period known as "the sixties." In fact, a greater change came in the earlier 1950's, when—during a period known as the McCarthy Era—our oldest secular American traditions were cast aside, and the first unified American theocracy was installed.

     The purpose of this essay is to convince you of four things:

     1. If you are an American reading this, you are today living under a specific variety of theocratic government.

     2. “Overthrowing the American Theocracy” means restoring secular American government as the Founders intended it established by our Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

     3. The restoration of secular government in America is a legal and political exercise involving the free expression of ideas, not of violence.

     4. Secular government in America cannot be restored without theist and, specifically, Christian help.

Now let’s talk a bit about where we were, what happened, where we
are now, and what we can do about it together.

1 theocracy: government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials re-
garded as divinely guided. Webster
s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, © 1971

© Skeeter Thompson