Overthrowing The American Theocracy



     In 1787 our Constitution outlawed any “religious test” as qualification to any “public trust” under the United States.   (Article VI, Section 3)

      Then, in 1791, Article I of the Bill of Rights forbade any “establishment of religion” by the government and guaranteed “the free exercise” of religion by individual citizens.

     If you are an American, do you honestly feel that your “public trust” is not tested in any religious way by your government today?

     What about the “under God” verbal test which comes when you offer your Pledge of Allegiance to your country?

     What about the “trust God” test you take each time you use a dollar bill, or a dime?

     Are you among those who believe that saying and using God’s name in government credos is somehow...not religious?

     What do you think God would say about this question?

© Skeeter Thompson