Overthrowing The American Theocracy



     A decade ago, many Americans were not aware the Founders had established a purely secular state in order to protect the abundant varieties of personal faith held by our earliest U.S. citizens, to thereby promote national political unity.

     A decade ago, many Americans were not aware that long-held secular traditions -- such as our 180-year-old National Motto of unity -- had been pushed aside during the 1950’s as a cold-war offense against “godless communism,” and replaced with state-sponsored religious doctrines of a particular variety and kind.

     Due to an ongoing cultural and political debate, Americans across all segments of the political spectrum are now becoming aware of these things.

     Today, Marxist ideology -- the kind of worldwide statist atheism America once feared -- has been defeated by laissez faire or state-modified capitalism in nearly every corner of the globe. America’s major enemy today is a brand of religious fundamentalism: not godlessness.

     Sisters and brothers, the situation of America today is this:
our great nation speaks out of two different sides of her mouth
at the same time.

© Skeeter Thompson