Overthrowing The American Theocracy


     On one side America extols the virtues of secular government, the majesty of the vote, and religious liberty for all people. On the other side, at the same moment, she advises the world of her own intimate knowledge of God. Should you, the individual, disagree with her precepts, then too bad: her doctrine is printed right on the money...take it or leave it.
   This is why, in some quarters, our beloved land has been labeled “The Great Satan:” because of this hypocrisy. It’s the great American sacrilege President Teddy Roosevelt warned about: serving God and mammon together in public.

     Fellow Americans, the time to end our hypocrisy is now. We can afford to do so. Our faith is such that we no longer require government to tell us what it is.

“Someone once said that any religion that needs the help of the state is not a very powerful religion.”  --Bob Schieffer, CBS News, August 31, 2003.

     Remember what Jesus said about God’s kingdom in relation to our selves? He did not say we are “under” GodRestore our traditional, secular Pledge of Allegiance before further damage is done to our national spirit.

“...one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

     Search your heart, deeply. Do you find God within?  Restore the Motto of national unity given us by our Founders, E Pluribus Unum:

“United We Stand.”

     Bring us together again as one people -- despite our many differences.

5 Mammon means “money” in Hebrew.

© Skeeter Thompson