Overthrowing The American Theocracy


     In majority decisions recent Supreme Court Justices have said they hold “religion” to be a deeply held personal idea, belief or concern regarding divinity.  Religion, in their interpretation, is the sole provenance of the individual citizen, not of the government -- just as the authors of our Constitution indicated.

“...religious belief...is reserved for the conscience of the individual...”
“...religious choice being the prerogative of individuals under the
  Free Exercise clause.”
                 --Justice David Souter for the majority
                       (McCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky, No. 03-1693)

“...we have kept religion a matter for the individual conscience, not
 for the prosecutor or bureaucrat."
                 --Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, concurring opinion

     The problem is, once the government says something -- anything -- about God, the utterance will of necessity be viewed as a sacrilege by someone, somewhere...here in our own country and also abroad.

     The Founders knew this, which is why their government was silent on the matter of God. They did not wish the government to interpret the nature or quality of God in any way: this was a matter left to individual citizens, families, churches and sects.

© Skeeter Thompson