Overthrowing The American Theocracy



     Those who seek to restore secular government and greater religious freedom to America must adopt this agenda:

     1.  Restore our traditional, secular Pledge of Allegiance.

     2.  Remove the holy name of God from all U.S.-minted money.

     3.  Restore our historic and traditional National Motto,
           E Pluribus Unum: "United We Stand."

     Doing so will return our nation to the condition of religious liberty which existed under the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses from 1791 to 1864, before the Federal government had established any state-sponsored doctrines about God.

     It is clear that state-sponsored religious doctrine represses religious liberty; it does not support it.

     It is morally reprehensible for a government to issue doctrine which one citizen considers a blessing but another considers a sacrilege. Such is the case with “In God We Trust.” Such is the case with “Under God.”

     Our Founders were wiser than this. They understood that religious faith is a matter of personal interpretation...a choice to be made by individuals, families, churches and sects...not by govern-
ments. Therefore, they did not seek to interpret God in official mottos, oaths and credos.

     Banning government dicta about God does not bring less religious freedom to citizens, it brings more. It honors God not any less, but advances greater glory to the holy spirit of liberty, reverence, worship and divinity.

     When government is silent on the matter of God, individual citizens become exponentially more free to profess their own faith in the public square. As our Founders intended.

© Skeeter Thompson