Overthrowing The American Theocracy


     Note the word “under” used by Rev. Watkinson in reference to divinity in his citation above. It’s the way they thought about God in those days -- back in the 19th century before man had flown in space.

     At that time people really believed that God was “up there” with we humans “down here” on earth, living beneath a divine presence in the sky.

     It’s the only physics they had at that time by which to understand divinity: 19th century Newtonian physics. They didn’t understand that everything was actually floating about in space, where up and down exist only as measured in relative position.

     Today “up” is more properly understood as “out,” and God, for many people, exists “within” as well as “without.”

     Did anyone in 19th century America consider the teachings of Jesus about human relation to divinity when they described their relationship with God? Or were they mentally locked into a “scien-
tific” way of thought about the universe -- without the benefit of new discoveries from the upcoming 20th century?

     Religion, as the Founders understood and the Supreme Court has recognized, is all about the way people think regarding divinity.

© Skeeter Thompson